Trend of vegetarianism is clearly booming worldwide; health, ethic, moral, ecological reasons, are leading more people in this diet direction; more people is considerably reducing the use of meat and fish; even if not fully accepting the vegetarianism yet.

This global tendency to Vegetarianism will bring a bigger market to healthy and ethical concepts, so why our professional mission become more and more valuable, day after day.

However, we are not just here to provide you vegetarian food and the right professionals catering vegetarian services all over China and Hong Kong, and even worldwide. Our team is committed to providing many other services that you can benefit from. We also provide kitchen consulting and the training of kitchen staff. Having the right kitchen infrastructure as well as the right people in the kitchen are the key to running any successful restaurant business. The chefs behind the scenes are the ones that provide you with amazing tasting food on your plate.  If they don’t have the right equipment or lack cooking skills which match your restaurant, your business is likely to suffer.

Our kitchen consulting service can help you come up with the right cooking platforms and structure in order to run a successful restaurant and make money. When you hire a good kitchen consulting service, they will take into account the architectural space and come up with an effective layout that works best for you. Training kitchen staff is equally important. You want your staff to understand the importance of high quality food and be able to work alongside each other efficiently. Restaurant staff is a valuable resource and to get the right food on time delivered to your customers, training kitchen staff is integral. Knowledge and the right experience are required to provide consulting services and we possess that kind of expertise to help you out.

Vegetarian Food design is another important service that we are providing. Coming up with the right menu and recipes that are exclusive to your restaurant, can be a great marketing source and can give you an edge over others. We provide customized recipe services as well that can make your product quality and food design reach new levels. Along with giving importance to food, we realize the importance of the interior and ambiance of your restaurant so our consulting services encompass all your needs. We will help you come up withcustomized concepts and music soundtracks to make your restaurant or bar stand out. Whether you need cooking classes, help with private dinner parties or managing a restaurant business, you will find our services to be comprehensive and helpful to you. We work to come up with solutions and ideas exclusive to each individual client and we have a team that is committed, trained and experienced in vegetarian food and consulting services.

The vegetarian concepts we are studying on, are carefully designed for the different kind of markets. We do our best to monitor tendencies, trends and market requests, that are coming from a multi target massive audience. We give power to new ideas; how can you go through something new, using an old road?

More Chefs of different levels are now trying to answer to these requests, and they realize that make happy vegetarian clients is not just about adding one salad on menu; vegetarian world is an infinite colourful choice where we can give more importance to ingredients and their seasonal properties; dishes are studied in a whole frame that represents the food design, a formula of ingredients, food appeal and correct recipes, that well fit geographical and seasonal aspects of the location,. A food design well drawn have to consider the spaces in a kitchen, the “know how” of the staff operating, the right marketing strategy to adopt to attract your clients, the balance, sustainability and the fresh variation of items on menu.

Our consulting are holistically well structured; like a good doctor don’t give you just a medicine to heal your disease, we try to understand the factors, prevent failures and disorganization issues, building a formula where you can, with your budget and know how, start up and maintain successfully your vegetarian business.

Soundinner will support you from the initial brainstorming to the first step of plan. Visualizing with you the goals to reach, we’ll understand the start up operations according with your budget, too. Then giving the right “know how” to your staff, leading to the “sustainable” point, where the costs are covered and where the daily operations are run well. This point will give you an index about the tendency of your business, will drawn a line where we’ll monitor the “breakeven point” as planned. Soft opening, marketing and promotion, maintaining your staff motivated, keeping a great food standard quality, achieving your goals…everything is possible when you have reliable, enthusiasted, professional and skilled people for your food consulting.



Soundinner born in Shanghai - China -, in November 2010 by an idea of Chef Maurino who, deciding to feed his clients with just vegetarian food, propose himself as freelancer chef.

Since February 2013, Hungry Buddha (Old Shaxi Town, Yunnan - China -) is the heart and headquarter of our operations and vegetarian cuisine.

Till November 2015 we provided professional vegetarian solutions and concepts in China, Hong Kong and Western cities.

From now on we decide to freeze all contents in Soundinner and move our services and project on a new website. Stay tuned!




  you are what you eat

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