Your Chef in Shanghai

Born in Milan (Italy) on Friday, February 13th, 1981 @3.45pm

working since 11 years in restaurants and 6 into kitchens.
My first kitchens were in Ireland and Spain, but my first professional step was moved just later, in Italy.
After experiences in restaurants, with Michelin stars and not,
I got the opportunity to be Chef here in Shanghai.
From my guru Chefs (all “aquarius” like me), I improve my unscholastic approach to cook;
istintive and without too bla bla bla around food.

Since September 2010 I eat just vegetarian food.
It was a couple of years I was thinking about it.
Step by step I’ve look for some correct information about human nutritional aspects.
Now I’m pretty informed about:
International politics, economic monetary system, glutamate, 440 mhz music, impure waters, polluted air, tobacco, medicine, drugs in animals we eat, toxins in dead animal we eat…
Then I realized that everyone is the result of his proper feeding.
And a common person eat three times per day…
Later on I wasn’t so happy to come back to work hard for a restaurant where you can’t watch at people is eating food you prepared. With people ordering some dead animals that never known.
So I decided to start up the Soundinner idea cooking for my friends, with the most biological sustainable food I can find.
I realize that my happiness is not in a big salary, but it’s in the satisfaction of the people, appreciating what I’m doing…

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