25/12 Lunch x 10

  • Happy welcome
  • Xmas salad
  • Cauliflower Samarcanda flan, chilly black chinese spinach sauce
  • Mushroom ravioli in mushroom broth with pine needles and dry maracuja
  • Gnocchi, violet cabbage sauce, raisins and pomegranate
  • Tofu,bell pepper and sweet tomatoes
  • Cabbage roll and beans, sweet sour radicchio
  • Chocolate salami, corn and pumpkin flan, maracuja ice cream

On December 25th, 2010, posted in: Lunch & Dinner Menu, Menu Example by maurino
One Response to 25/12 Lunch x 10
  1. Yunnan Mushrooms and Maracuja, magic Chinese Cauliflower, alive Tofu, peaceful Salami, and needles to wake all consciences up, east-west circular Xmas, Santa anzi-Claus, the Chef, bring us delicious -energized gifts, killing us softly, without killing anyone. even the international selection of biowines was softly….inebriating….without dulling, all the celebration to forget/forgive the bad and…disconnecting the brain….and sure…connecting the soul!!….dulcis in fundo, when we was surrendering, the movie “the green planet”, let us be lightly and litterally…on the moon!!
    definitely we had a Xmas trip, bringing back lots of invisible gifts, without deers (let them free)!
    thanks to Maurino.


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