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Stop 65 @Shaguo Xiazhai

on .

50 km,

got some food in this kind of big agri-restaurant, where the owner-chef was caring of vegetables in his garden..

I said I was friend of Bruce Lee to convince all staff to pay for my dinner to take away..

Then I parked in a simple private house where an old man was eating with his grandson...We spend the night together other 4 children, in front of a fire of dry corncobs and a lovely cat with in its mouth a little mouse...;

Before we've watched videos of this trip adventure,,then I purpose them "Baraka" , a documentary resulted interesting to everybody...


+1 #2 bicofassi 2011-11-05 14:03
Ciao Maurino!
...grandissimo ! buon viaggio!!
+1 #1 Romano Magistrelli 2011-11-05 11:03
ciao Mauro, ho letto oggi l'articolo pubblicato su Espansione e sono a curiosare sul sito, anche perchè in Agosto sono stato in vacanza in Cina.
Verrò a guardare spesso! Complimenti e buon proseguimento!!
Per curiosità, perchè il blog, nella sezione in lingua italiana è scritto in inglese?

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