Hungry Buddha: a Vegetarian Bistro in Shaxi old Town, Yunnan

Are you looking for a great vegetarian restaurant in China?
For a real food experience after travelling in Yunnan for one week?
Are you starving at the idea to find the best italian pizza in Yunnan in a rural village as Shaxi?
Italian pasta, fingerfood and tapas, creative dishes made with passion and local ingredients?
Dreaming a glass of french wine, a warm atmosphere, amazing food, all in one place, on the ancient Tea Horse Caravan Road? 
Hungry Buddha was born in Shaxi, Jianchuan County, Yunnan Province - CN - 
This vegetarian boutique will make you feel at home, with authentic flavors, food prepared with care, an authentic italian pizza.
Fruit, vegetable and all organic ingredients come from the local Friday Market of Shaxi
The yeast for pizza and bread, is sour dough, natural and living. 
All cheeses we use is homemade with local Shaxi milk. 
Hungry Buddha is an incubator for experimentation and micro concepts proposed in our menu. 
It's possible to buy on site some ingredient that we use in our cooking. 
We are available for organizing small events, tastings, private dinners and picnics for your hikking in Shi Baoshan Temple area. 
We sell local products such as Yunnan Tea, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dried Yunnan Mushrooms, Artisanal Sake, dried flowers, etc..
We called this project EcoYunnan, a new platform for your living Yunnan.
Hungry Buddha does not kill animals.