Soundinner Management




Mau     Director of Soundinner

Soundinner's Creator and Anxin's husband.








Anxin     Tea Sadhu Manager

She is just a 26 years old girl but she's already have a stunning wisdom, it's not a case that she's Mau's wife :)

Anxin is the Tea Master, healthy products researcher and spiritual leader of the group.

Self taught student, researcher and great cook, Anxin enchants everybody with her purity. Living heart that brings constantly warmness, is the meaning of her name; she's a inspirational magnet for many chinese girls.

At the moment Anxin is busy on the EcoYunnan start up, studying the Bach Flowers and experimenting her knowledge on Mau.






Giulio     Soundinner Ambassador

26 years old, nomad vegetarian chef, seaman oriented with the stars, young ambassador of Soundinner.

Yunnan, Hong Kong, Sicily, Berlin...Giulio follows only true masters to cheer his thirst for wanting to do well. He's already  elaborating his own cuisine, made of international experiences, aware of healthy concepts.

Adventurous foodie and authentic gourmand soul, Giulio is a great beat example for the youth.

Giulio develops Soundinner and its Concepts, cook as full time, studies ingredients in spare time, dreams boiling pots when he rests.






 Sha     Executive Chef of Hungry Buddha

Hungry Buddha's Executive Chef, Sha is the "Last of Pirates of Dali", he is 21 years old but has already a great personality.

Sha often entertains the last clients with his magical prestige tricks; his dream is to become a magician-chef.

His 3 doshas constantly in balance, make of him our little buddha with a thousand qualities.


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