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Restart and disconnect:

Kitchen 3.0


Dear friends, old and new ones,


keeping aside for a while the fights in Paris, the european heavy rains, tornados in US, Obama’s speach, the alien civilizations, the Church, the 60 years of Neutrinos, the 100 ones of Relativity, the Nasa’s multi anniversaries, the next political elections, stars and new moon, the seven months you don’t hear from me,


I’m here to invite you for my next steps about the veg cuisine.


I start in fact a new period where I focus more about my thoughts, my works in Kitchen 3.0, created between space, time and awareness.


I leave for a while the small plant of Soundinner under the Nature’s effects. I’m sure that Time, Silence and the increasing market request in the Veg World will be the light, water and fertil soil for this vision.


From connecting more Vef Chefs with own projects and services in Soundinner, I’m moving now to "disconnecting" on my next adventure on web.


Ehi, today is Sun-day, isn’t it? Why are you reading this email?


By the way, if you like the idea to watch a evergreen, master piece, disconnecting movie.

“La belle verte” aka "Il pianeta verde" aka “Green beautiful”.


Click here for the movie:     


By the way, did you eat already?


Come in from here, I reserve you a table to inaugurate this webrestaurant, ready to install. I found nice to show you my first steps in this World that is caring just about Image and not looking for Quality of contents, attentive to the small things.

For this reason the website is still empty…it’s just a small opening party!

As welcome I was thinking to some personalized starter:


                                                         "How’s going at the moment?"


                                                            1) Passive and lazy?

                                                            2) Thinking too much? 

                                                            3) Nervous?


...Back to us: it’s arrived the moment to welcome you on MaurinoVeg!


Stay tuned,


Soundinner Founder


"The man has no immagination has no wings."    (Muhammad Ali)

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