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At the thresolds of 2012, we're all looking for pleasure, comforts, certainties.

We would eat biological food without however dirtying our hands in a garden or just kill any hen.

We eat livestock but we have never kill no one animal.

We say we repudiate blood, violence, massacres and we are the main promoters, every day.

We look for fresh fish and the best meat, expecting that a cadaver can be nutritious in our stomach.

We follow the best recipe, we show the best methods, we point out as gastronomy critics speaking about taste of some or some other dish, making bigger our ego to the detriment of sacrificed living being.

Speaking about vegetarianism people carry on conversations based just on commonplaces, without any personal background experience.

We try to feel not in guilty for the continuous massacre of animals; we irritate ourselfs if someone call us into question, we try to change quickly the topic of discussion because we feel negatively judged.

So we give the example of the caveman who were used to live in cold places by hunting and fishing. Even someone says that the human has been all along carnivorous; it's totally normal eating meat. Meat it's healthy, give us proteins. Fish give us phosphorous. We ignore the 5000 years of Vedanta vegetarian exemple, that one of Maya, also them mainly vegetarian.

Examples of ancient civilizations, so wise to be able in predict the destruction of our days. Civilizations who did not know wars, but well-knew the human potential, stars, nature, energies.

You are what you eat, no matter if like or not.

Don't demand to the world changes if you can't change yourself.

Stars ask us to choose our side, which future we want for us and for the Hearth.


Quiz 3 - True or False

We're addicted to internet, if disappears is a problem.

We're addicted to money, if disappear is a problem.

We're addicted to petroil, if disappears is a problem.

We need food, if poisoned is a problem.

We need water, if polluted is a problem.

Chemical trails are not a legend.

Medicines are always been a business.

Tobacco is supported by huge investments.

Facebook data are controlled by C.I.A.

You’re free to decide.

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