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Successfull experiment.

Not as sportive challenge, but as little trial of disconnection.

I see that so often fears are created by our mind. So often by Media that invade ours minds. So often from people and environment around us, influencing our mood, energies and minds.

In the trip of life there is nothing to be scared of.

An uphill hides always a downhill, as you can’t know what there’s behind a curve, you have to you have to turn to see forward.

You cannot judge what you don’t know, it’s better to experiment it personally.

Dogma, teaching knowledge, mba certificates and maps on the internet, do not lead to Truth as well as personal experience.

You live better with less material thoughts, attachments less physical, less frills for the head.

We live in reality that we imagine.

We create beautiful and the ugly in our heads by decoding the same reality differently.

To think well you can just do well.

Think good, good.

Think big, big.

  • (03) It’s impossible getting out of Shanghai without taking the highway
  • (04) Tricycle will esplode as soon as you get out of Shanghai.
  • (12) You will get completely robbed
  • (07) It will take you the whole year
  • (15) You will suffer from solitude
  • (06) You will die of starvation at the bottom of a steep uphill, forgotten by God
  • (08) Your batteries will expire shortly
  • (04) You will give up on your half way there
  • (02) You are going to fail for sure
  • (03) This is going to be your last project since delusion will be immense
  • (16) Tricycle is too heavy, you won’t make it
  • (04) An hurricane will blow you away
  • (09) You will drawn under the flood
  • (07) You will get your tires flattened constantely
  • (10) You’re nuts, you’ll never do it alone
  • (21) Why don’t you get a flight?
  • (18) You’re defenitely going to get lost without a gps, do you know?
  • (06) You can forget your internet connection since your laptop is going to be stolen
  • (15) If you will not have any meat, you will get sick
  • (23) It’s impossibile, man

  • (596) Are you Xinjianese?
  • (249) Are you American?
  • (410) What’s your nationality?
  • (631) Where are you from?
  • (58) How many km from Shanghai to here?
  • (49) How many km per day?
  • (382) What is this?
  • (103) Where does it come from?
  • (76) You don’t eat meat???
  • (35) What’s your name?
  • (58) How old are you?
  • (50) How long are you traveling?
  • (43) How long do you need to reach Dali?
  • (129) Do you have batteries?
  • (32) How many persons with you?
  • (41) What’s your job?
  • (87) How long in China?
  • (24) You don’t have friends?
  • (39) Is this a computer?
  • (116) Do you speak chinese?
  • (24) Do you have any son?
  • (746) Hey, a Xinjianese!
  • (431) Hey, a “laowai"!
  • (238) You are okkei
  • (102) You don’t under stand the language
  • (93) You are very goodda
  • (25) Italy and China are friends
  • (31) Italy very goodda
  • (157) Take care
  • (18) "Italy mien”…
  • (52) “Italyda”…
  • (47) “Milaaan”
  • (277) Hallo

  • Total distance (km): 3560
  • Durance of all journey: 82
  • Days off: 15
  • Days on the move: 67
  • Km (1) average pedaled in a day: 43,4
  • Km (2) average pedaled in a day: 53,1
  • Nights spent in a tend: 39
  • Nights spent on a bed:43
  • Budget (rmb): 8200
  • Costs (rmb): 7000
  • Daily average costs (rmb): 85
  • Showers skipped: 3
  • Meals skipped: zero
  • Weight on the day I left (kg): 69,7
  • Weight on the day I arrived (kg): 70,7
  • Flattened tires: 2
  • Blowned tires: 15
  • Robberies: zero
  • Repairs: 5
  • Strong emotions: 3
  • Headaches: 1
  • Fevers: zero
  • Stomacache: zero
  • Injuries: zero
  • Hard times: 3
  • Sadness and depression: zero
  • Happy moments: n.p.
  • Barking dogs: 520
  • Dogs I’ve been chased by: 355
  • Blasted people: 2388
  • Meetings with locals: 762
  • Meals offered attents: 15
  • Smiles: 1841

Quiz 5 - True or false?

  • In atoms 12 strings, in cosmo 12 energy levels
  • Human being live in 3D; is called nowadays to reach the 4th level
  • The Earth to the Universe is like a grain of sand is to the desert.
  • There are ancient alien civilizations much older than ours.
  • DNA is not of this planet.
  • Do exist good forces and bad forces.
  • One little part of the human brain is called reptilian.
  • Apocalipse means unveiling.
  • In the cities the spiritual level is very low.
  • You are free to decide.


+1 #4 Beppe 2011-12-20 12:27
ma ciao!!! Complimenti Maurino!!! Ero a Milano proprio stamattina... se l'avessi saputo sarei passato a trovarti... per disconnettermi anch'io un po'!!!
Ma ormai, tra moglie e bimbe, non mi è permesso disconnettermi....
Un abbraccio e a presto!
+1 #3 Angelo 2011-12-20 07:00
Ma' sei troppo un grande, troppo vere e belle le parole del tuo riassunto. Che siano gli auguri migliori per tutti noi disconnessi, dislessici, distanti dalla vera mente. RIGPA bello, rigpa!
Spero di rivederti presto qui a Shanghai o dove la strada ci porta....
Dacci con lo yoga e irradia il mondo.
Da cuore a cuore.
+1 #2 Roberto 2011-12-20 04:45
ciao, son Robby, goditi le vacanze in Italia.
Sono molto contento di vedere un tuo sogno disconnettive realizzato, hai avuto le palle coraggiose per fare quello che tantissimi altri non avrebbero mai fatto. Un oroglio della comunita' italiana disconnessa, io qua a manila ho iniziato un mio piccolo progetto di disconnessione ti spieghero' dopo. Vai alla grande Mitico!
Ciao da Manila
+1 #1 giovanni Carra 2011-12-20 01:38
vedendo foto, leggendo commenti e auspicando che quello che scrivi sia solo una minima parte.....qua ci vien voglia di disconnettersi tutti quanti.....so che sei in Italy....fai buone ferie.....

mi piacerebbe seriamente parlare con te per vedere che combini e appena apri qualcosa di stabile e cucinato da te....dimmelo che vengo a trovarti.....UN SALUTONE...JJC

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