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Think good, good

At the beginning it was just the idea of taking some space from the daily routine for travelling.

Then it came the idea of the tricycle, that I was using for delivering vegeterian personal chef services in Shanghai down town.

And all of a sudden I was already blatering about crossing China.

Support from my dreaming friends. Received fears and idea on the purpose of life from many sceptics.

Think good good and I met Chris, the only person in a 20 milion people town who was able to setting me up the tricycle, better than I had ever immagined.

Then 5 days on the road for testing fears.

Think good, good.

Have a good trip.

Quiz 1 - True or False

You are free to decide.

In this period you’re stuck between change and laziness.

On average a person uses 20% of his brains.

An hamburger costs less than a babana kiosk.

Kfc uses organic ingredients.

We live in a very delicate historical period.

For each banconote exists a corrispective in gold.

On this Planet do exist more good persons than bad ones.

Imaginable comes from reality.


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