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Stop 83 @DALI !!!!

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40 km,

Arrived to Dali!!!!

I'm enjoying these moments like i imagined three months ago in every detail. Experiment was successful. 

I hope that this little example can be an inspiration for all dreamers.

Quite soon pictures, videos and technical reports to finalize this project :)

A real thank to Flatmind, Tritatasti, Deli Deli, MGT engineering, Sapori d'Italia, Vibram, Spib, and all friends have support me.

Stop 82 @Shaoxiao

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32 km,

Dali will be the next stop, on tomorrow.

It will be enough a party with friends to realize that everything is possible?

Don't think too much, enjoy, and go with the flow :)

Stop 81 @Yumencun

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36 km,

last mountain, last quite dirty room i guess. :) happy for this trip experience that is going to finish...

Happy to start new habitudes and routine and daily life in these beautiful places with its warm and smiling people.

Stop 80 @Xiangyun

on .

60 km,

...i have no so big words to say when i'm in good companion with friends watching at stars before to go to sleep.

Stop 79 @Libidian

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34 km,

white road and not so easy slopes. Then meet 2 guys from Belgium biking, and now we're all eating together the best rustic soup we could imagine. Outside spectacular stars.

Stop 78 @Shaqiao

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0 km,

hugs, smiles, wine, relaxing, a dinner all together as three months ago...wooww...I needed it!!

Stop 77 @Shaqiao

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24 km,

a flat gear and I was ready to change it for first time in my life, but just at 50 metres a fixman, sitting at the warm sun smiling me...

Tomorrow will arrive my friends to shot a professional video...i'm so happy to share the beauty of these places with them, sharing happiness of these last days of this experiment, before to reach Dali.

Stop 76 @Nanhua

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40 km,

Not easy to leave the good qi of Harang and his warm family. Then enjoyed pedaling soft till Nanhua. Just a thought to go forward this city, camping somewhere; but the clouds let me prefer for a comfortable night in a little hotel.

Stop 75 @Chuxiong

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82 km!!

This morning I woke up quite early with this beautiful nature all around. For breakfast i received from my neighborhood the sweet rice soup, typical chinese breakfast. I was going to add some muesli, then i thought it could be too strange for them to see a laowai on a tricycle, adding some muesli in that popular soup.

After ten second i got the idea of the 'imaginary' recipe i purpose you today. I guess is a good idea for bars and guesthouses that want to welcome expats and chinese people.

Make warm in 2 minutes some blueberries with sugar (microwave or on fire), blend it and filter with a 'chinoise': coulis of blueberries. Cook the chinese rice (also the brown one could be ok why not) for 25 minutes, covered by half of water and half of milk. Keep it covered and make sure that when rice is cooked you have enough liquid part to present it as a soup..then add sugar and..blend it. 

In a nice glass put some dry fruits as walnuts and almonds, then add the rice sweet cream (if it's too liquid you can use some teaspoon of agar agar when is still boiling) , color with the coulis of before, then add some muesli and caramelized fruit as banana and bluberries, then some cereals and seeds.


well today i cycled a lot, preserving in the morning my batteries, then reached Chuxiong after the sunset. I'm in a friendly art guesthouse now, where Harang so kindly - before has come to pick me up - then welcomed me with some italian 70's music such as the 'new trolls'. 

A long sleep is waiting for me..super tired of these 2 last days surrounded by beautiful places...but so strong slopes!!!

Stop 74 @...

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36 km,

a deviation cause the 320 was closed. So I climbed before a little mountain,,then the second one it was soo hard...so i stopped almost on the top, close to a village. I plugged my charge in a common bathroom of three houses. I was ready to eat my emergency dinner with muesli, walnuts, nuts, almonds...when so kindly these local persons offered me some rice and a crumbled egg. wow.

What does it mean fortune and misfortune when we don't know what is going to happen next? :)

Stop 73 @Lufeng

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50 km,

today a sunny regular road. In late afternoon, when i was reaching Lufeng, the support board of battery set falled down for half. But is simple to fix, tomorrow...

I'm happy that i'm reaching Dali, the goal of this trip.But i also enjoy and absorb all good qi of this land, drinking yunnanese coffee and getting brown, sat down for a stop.

So often is more difficult to stop than run all day, isn't it?

Stop 72 @...

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58 km,

a beautiful day, sandy roads and some italian songs.

Then i was getting late tonight to find a place where to park. A man said me it was ok camping in front his restaurant and charge my tricycle. But when his wife came back he changed his face and push me out, ( i was opening my tend)

On the road, a big full moon instead the bright sky of some minutes before. 

I asked to the next light i've seen a couple of km after. First thing the owner did it was call the police.

First thing i did it was showing them some videos of this trip. When policeman arrived we were looking for a working multi socket. My passport was controlled in some office, and when policeman came back, after dinner, he gave me some milk as a gift for my breakfast of tomorrow.

Stop 70 @Kunming

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0 km,

At Kunming=very good life. Warm sun, fresh air, an hot shower, long sleeps, live music, a peaceful silence, pedestrian streets, friendly people, good food, imported beers, and nice walks... 

Attachments daaammnn..:)

Pit-Stop 69 @Kunming!! (@ Box:)

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50 km,

and a surprise for me in a cold Kunming..!!!

@Box, a warm and friendly restaurant bar, Diego and Francesca organized a super welcome for my arrive!!!

Country folk music played by four so brilliant scottish young guys, the guitarist resident John Nevada tells me about the Italy of '69, with hopes of freedom and love.

Behind the bar board, Francesca and Stefania have smiles and drinks for everybody, pizza was great, atmosphere that i was going to forget it was possible to realize in a bar..

So happy for my stop here, also cause i'm together with toughs and hugs of dreamers, travelers, musicians..

Lovely persons are magnetic to lovely persons and if love is a weapon, Box is a bomb! :)

Stop 68 @....

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47 km,

I found a solution for my laptop often over heating, and my clothes sometimes getting wet (like today under a heavy rain)

I get dry my clothes under the laptop and at the same time i get cold it.

Balance is everywhere right? :)

stop 67 @Shilinzhen

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73 km..

This morning I lost about 10 km for the usual chinese indication that wants my tricycle on a highway, where of course i cannot..

But today i've been so lucky....after more than 1 month...no uphills but just some descents!!!

Now i guess i'm in the worst hotel of a touristic place..the stone forest. From some views of outside looks even a beautiful place, but the idea of a ticket and a tourist chaos...

Stop 65 @Shaguo Xiazhai

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50 km,

got some food in this kind of big agri-restaurant, where the owner-chef was caring of vegetables in his garden..

I said I was friend of Bruce Lee to convince all staff to pay for my dinner to take away..

Then I parked in a simple private house where an old man was eating with his grandson...We spend the night together other 4 children, in front of a fire of dry corncobs and a lovely cat with in its mouth a little mouse...;

Before we've watched videos of this trip adventure,,then I purpose them "Baraka" , a documentary resulted interesting to everybody...

Stop 63 @Xingyi

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56 km,

to reach this nice city. I enjoyed a really good meal also tonight!

Of course in Guizhou the best food tried crossing different provinces...and even averagely clean kitchens!

Today a warm day with a summer rainstorm in the evening...to reach the center of this city so many guys on motorbike wearing t-shirts!!

Yunnan...I'm coming!!

Stop 62 @Yuzhangzhen

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0 km,

tonight also a young driver of a truck that at 3 a.m. had the good sense to touch my tend while i was sleeping...

Engine running and a smile when i hanged out...

everything pass away,, also these difficult moments i guess...

Stop 61 @Yuzhangzhen

on .

49 km,

problem: last night some water on recharge of battery. So when I got this place I had to convince the 'fix man' to go buy for me a new one..

Let me describe this place. On this crazy road i'm going along...these 5 little simple private houses. They simply refill of water trucks passing here. So imagine a service open 24/24 hours where trucks come playing their horn, during these 5 minutes to take water they don't turn off their motors...and considerate an average close to 30 trucks per day for every little location.

I cannot hide you I'm pretty stressed by hornets.

Stop 60 @Longchangzhen

on .

49 km,

but more than 20 km on a wrong road. Lesson that I learnt today. Don't trust in policemen' directions, especially if they're eating...

And so I followed their "go straight go straight", when the road i was looking for, it was just behind their shoulders...When I got it, after checked again maps on web, (i have no maps since Jiangxi) the road was closed for a couple of hours, so I had to wait...

This road actually is considered an highway (reason also why i went straight,,cause it seemed to me too big for a national road) where is forbidden to go walking, with bicycles, with little motorbikes...well actually I met every kind of outlaw vehicle, mine comprised..

In my dinner of tonight, for first time I had to refuse to eat a plate, covered by teflon of wok. I tried to explain to the young cook that should be better throw away his old wok.

I hope to don't introduce - no teflon - in my "diet"...

Stop 58 @Huajiangzhen

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43 km,

and last 3 km a guy helped me to tow my trike out of battery during the last uphill of the day. These batteries don't convinced me so much, in last two days along flat roads were ok and better than the old ones...but now with stronger slopes...i don't know..i'll check it better...

Anyway I stopped at this restaurant. A woman and her 2 children, the team.(no husband). I've seen realities where in a restaurant with big or small staff everyone get crazy easily. This woman run everything with her smile. The guy of 6 years old more or less serve people and keep clean, the little girl of 4 years old pay attention and do easy jobs when her mum requests.

On next morning two children standby all mise in place while mum was at the market buying all stuff she needed.

I left them an apron (mum), colored pencils (girl) and a compass (guy). They show me that everything is possible in change.

Stop 57 @Dahuashao

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54 km,

Beautiful views in these place surrounded by thousands of hills, similar to those around Guilin. Of course not so tourism's impact like there.

And so today I decide to go to see the Huangguoshu waterfalls, but arrived there...so many tourists paying 180 rmb to make a picture. I refused to pay that amount for visiting this natural attraction chick to chick with a lot of persons. In the same area a lot of resorts and luxurious hotels, next to destroyed old houses and poor local people.

Who knows if these tourists noted the massive bombardments and deforestation done on these hills, to get stones also to build those resorts...

Stop 56 @Anshunshi

on .

50 km,

This morning i woke up, and the first thing i did was open my laptop, connect me at www.automiribelli.org   (it's an italian blog about super interesting research of information) , and i read an article about "The doubling theory".

Super interesting and makes sense at 360 degrees.

So today I enjoyed the Matrix of this trip, of this life.

Stop 55 @Pingba

on .

50 km, and after 3 weeks of hills and mountains, today a flat road...and i see that batteries after 2832 km are losing power.. (i'm 2400 km from Deli Deli). When I arrived in this town I searched for a solution, cause in 2 days i'll go through some mountains...and I wanna be ready for that.. A very kind postman offer himself as guide to help me in this research. So we asked in 4 different places, then we met these 2 nice guys selling electronic motor bikes. After maybe 10 calls to their different suppliers, asking for the same kind of batteries at 24 A, they confirmed that untill Zhenning (a town before the mountains area) is impossible to find the same kind. So tomorrow i'll try their 20 A batteries, and if i'll feel them more powerful than these ones...i'll take this new set. Later on, the same postman led me in a warm, friendly, clean hotel. I thanked him and i tried to give him a little tip,,,,but he told me we're friends,,and we don't need to use money... The owners let me park the trike in the next shop, selling elegant clothes. (I mean, result has been a fancy window shop!!) Here at the hotel i asked where was possible to eat something. A nice girl asked me kindly what i like,,,and so i explained her my 'diet' ; she suggested me a really good vegetarian oriented local restaurant!!! Well these last anecdotes remind me a trip i did in Marocco, where on the same feeling of "free good flow" I had always really good people forward me to other good persons. Right this morning i was thinking about the assonance of Empathy, Simpathy, Telepathy, and their strong connection. I find a big sense to this day that is gone...

Stop 53 @Jinhuazhen

on .

43 km,

crossed Guiyang. I thought to stop there but..then i preferred to don't respire feelings of a big city and its skyscrapers. Anyway I enjoyed a double street food lunch there, and tonight a triple street food dinner plus some mix biscuits... I have this attachment to try all food i don't know...; to report of course the breakfast of this morning...some panfried beanballs and rice flour...wow!!!

Stop 52 @Gujiaozhen

on .

40 km,

numbers and considerations of this day.

Today I knew the weight of trike finally...it's 240 kg!!!

I climbed for 32 km, I descended 5 km, 3 km of flat road.

Max speed reached: 68 km/h.

I mean, it's like prepare a dinner in two days and serve it in one hour...(are chefs happy doing preparations, planning a menu, serving, at the end of all,,,or every second of their job?)

Is the happiness just on maximum speed or on the continuos feeling during all trip of life, pedal after pedal?

Stop 51 @Wengchenghe

on .

42 km,

also today last kms with no battery, walking next to Narada.

It's surprising as every stop looks designed for my trip; every small restaurant, every little motel, every private place to ask for a charge...it's at a perfect distance from daily departures... (well maybe I shouldn't say this until I'll arrive :)

ciao a tutti!!!

Stop 50 @Huangsizhen

on .

37 km,

another surprising froggy rainy day..

I was drinking my hot tea repaired by soft rain, when from behind the curve...7 brilliant chinese bikers!! Well at first I thought they were enjoying a weekend trip...but...From Nanjing they're directed to Kunming. There will stop and in next february they'll leave for...LONDON!!!

THEYRE PEDALING TO LONDON yep,,  (  www.bike2london.com  )

I was also surprised to speak in english with two of them...after 50 days i don't speak any english language...

Another funny aspect has been that a guy of them told me that it wasn't the first time he saw a tricycle like this....well of course...he met Chris the engineer during an exhibition in Nanjing... unbelievable meet some crazy people in the middle of nowhere, knowing a common person...

wow...well this is Chris so even you now can modify your tricycle..;)  (  www.mgt-engineering.com   )

Wished a safe trip, we said goodbye..

After 3 km I stopped in this little town, looking for an hot shower in a small motel..

When I was downloading my daily videos...the chinese guy working downstairs at the restaurant,,knocked at my door...he was so excited...that say just...."laowai laowai laowai"...pointing the small restaurant....and giving me a funny english written business card; behind the wishes of a safe trip to me... well I was super excited and in a minute I was downstair to meet this great couple of travelers, and also the first not chinese people I've met till now..!!!

THEY'RE COMING FROM ENGLAND !!!! and their trip is going to Laos, Malesia...in a not finish list ending with north America...                

( www.troopytracks.com  )

Also with them I had no words to say, I was excited listening their trips and about their lives..!

The funny thing told me was.."well in Russia local people say to be careful about Mongolian, in Mongolia they say to be careful to chinese persons, in China they say to be careful to people from Laos...They confirmed to have met just good people giving them every kind of warm welcome...

an other funny aspect? they're guide (cause if you drive a camper in China you need a local guide) is a beautiful Xinjianese girl!

I mean,,I should need a Xinjianese guide too, to indicate some other person close to me when all people around call me Xinjianese..!!! :)

Well,,,i have nothing else to add, i'm still excited of this movie-dream-trip!!!

Stop 49 @Daliang

on .

43 km,

stopped on 210 national rd. that i'll follow for a few days..

today back to drink italian espresso (i experimented 2 weeks of not attachment of it). I keep to experiment abstention from alcohol :)

Also today a guy of a little restaurant in Xiasi (beautiful ancient town on a river), tried to offer my meal!!!

Air is getting fresh and i'm curious about tomorrow.., like always.

Stop 48 @Yatangzhen

on .

0 km,

well tomorrow i'll be back on the road...but how to don't enjoy this little familiar motel, with everyone caring of me?

Stop 46 @Yatangzhen

on .

40 km,

People in Guizhou province is very nice and colored; curious but respectful.

Today I stopped in a small motel, where I think to stay for a few days. This afternoon I cleaned all my tricycle and organized better my luggage van, tomorrow will be the turn of my clothes.

For dinner (so often I just trust to the chef when i'm sure they understand my 'diet'..) I ate a probable revisited "acquacotta", in future I'll try my own revisitation..;)

It begins to miss me a kitchen where to try some dish, where can I bake some bread or just to have a dessert in fridge, ready for a break.

Stop 45 @Taipanxiang

on .

51 km,

and last km with no battery, helped by a biker..

In Guizhou I'm realizing that from village to village are quite long distances...and also to organize a meal could be not so easy...but till now i'm so lucky that every small restaurant is located perfectly for my stops!!

Stop 44 @Jianhe

on .

61 km,

Today was a beautiful warm and sunny day. My thoughts were positive and so reality has been...amazing.

I passed through some little village with young girls still wearing traditional clothes. I see that natural places = genuine people.

Then after a curve I met two chinese guys really disconnected!!!...they're WALKING FROM BEIJING!!!!!


Now I'm in Jianhe, little ancient town, popular for its hot spring center. Of course I enjoyed hot waters and also a scrub.

But the funny and exciting fact is that I arrived here with the help of 5 so cute children, 4 female and 1 male, more or less of 6 years old. The little male said me by the beginning they wanted to be paid to push my tricycle out of battery. We agree for 1 rmb for each one, (then I paid them more). So the little boss took the position to lead all of us, seated handling the tricycle and the four girls pushing, laughing and making questions to me..

well...what else to say...from Gerusalem to New York, from Spain to Ferrara, from Trenno to Shanghai...think great and will be super exciting!!!!  

well I have to add this note..: 10 p.m. Police came here to check my passport. (I'm camping outside of a hotel).The point is not the passport, but my safety. So they ask me to have a room - for free - instead camping outside. But I need time to close everything and i'm busy to download my daily video and pictures../ They insist cause is dangerous sleeping outside...eheh,,when all people that watch my face of xinjianese-laowai is scared...:)  / So I insist to camp outside, to late to move now.. / The girl speaking in english try to convince me saying that autumn has come, is cold outside..and at the same time she say this a man not wearing any t-shirt come out by hotel.../ I say i'm busy and i cannot lose other time closing everything,,i really thank everybody but i'd like to go to sleep early.../ She gave me her phone in case i have some problem, i gave her mine (tomorrow i'll try to interview her) / ...last thing...and please go to sleep soon, it's late now (after 30 minutes of friendly discussion..)

I love China

Stop 43 @Jiepai'aocun

on .

36 km,

rain, hills, and it's not been so easy to get a recharge. At first approach local people is not so confident. Then everyone has so many question for me...

Stop 42 @Yuping

on .

52 km,

Yuping looks a really nice town-city. The large choice of street food remind me a little bit S.Sebastian..and tonight I enjoyed so much my 3 course dinner and so many different chinese biscuits as dessert. Also girls are pretty with big eyes and mini skirts ;)

Stop 41 @Laoyuang (Guizhou)

on .

49 km,

stopped at this place that is supposed to be a chinese motel. When I asked a meal with no meat, no fish, no glutamate, no broth, no chilly…the lady refused to cook for me.

So i cook by myself. Recipe of today:

Eggplant and spinach

Boil eggplants in some salty water till get soft. Peel and get them a little flat pushing, also to take out some water.

Crumble with chopped walnuts, peanuts and almonds.

Make smell a smashed garlic in some extra virgin oil, then add the eggplant (whole or in pieces, up to you). Add some sundried tomatoes, fresh spinach and a touch of salt ( if you have some taggiasca olives don’t be shy..add them to give more flavour.. Cook for another minute without add water and serve it.

If you prefer a better appereance you can cook eggplant and spinach separetely, then compose your dish.

And enjoy of course.

Stop 40 @Mayingtangxiang

on .

36 km,

Today really nice rural places and pretty challenging hills to climb; a lots of vineyards, wheat fields, bamboo trees and ancient chinese houses. 

I couldn't reach the 320 national road just for 5 km, so I've stopped in a factory producing bricks.

I went out for dinner with a young guy working here, at 5 km from factory, in Zhijiang. No way to pay for the dinner and a lot of glutamate snacks as gift that I had to accept...  We ate pretty fast cause my friend wanted to show me the nightlife of the town.

Here at the factory, since I communicated my chinese name, all people got crazy to call me Malele (that litterally means crazy crazy horse). So nice to be called with a name instead Xinjianese or American...

well now i go to sleep,,,cheers

Stop 39 @Tongmuzhen

on .

45 km,

not so many km today cause I left Anjiangzhen with my batteries not full charged.

4 days ago I changed my horn cause it wasn't working anymore. The new one is plugged directly to batteries and works even if electric motor is off. I've seen that new horn was tested so many times by locals during my absence and presence that....

2 years ago I was traveling around China as backpacker and in Litang, northern of Sichuan, I met this couple of experienced travelers from Berlin. They said me who can travel in China can travel all around the world. I think that who can travel inside himself, can be patient even in China, so can travel all around the world... 

Stop 38 @Anjiangzhen

on .

0 km,

this afternoon I've got the new front brake. Tomorrow I'll leave this place. In a couple of weeks I'll get a new set of brake, but for the moment i'm ok to come back on my trip, ready to pedal again on this loooong road..

Stop 37 @Anjiangzhen

on .

0 km,

I'm so happy to have found my friend Silvia's contact...together we travelled in Panda through all Italy, Sicily included....;well,, like all poetries will remain a poetry, i don't need to try to bla bla bla...

And a special ciao to Anto,Sami and..super Mattia...I'm so curious to know him personally!!!

I'm pretty good, sleeping and dreaming a lot. I'm waiting for this piece of front brake,,maybe tomorrow will arrive...

But following tips of Chris, the engineer, I'll wait for another expedition, in which one i'll receive a new front brake set, with two discs , to don't risk nothing in long downhills.

So i'll stop here for a few days more. Enjoying relax, why not.

Stop 36 @Anjiangzhen

on .

0 km,

walking and thinking..

people in China is brainwashed and call the 'enemy' as xinjianese

people in Italy is brainwashed and call the 'enemy' as moroccan

people in U.S.A is brainwashed and call the 'enemy' as terrorist

Leave fears behind you, there's not enemy except your mental limits. Be free by brainwashing, and help people to open their eyes.

Stop 35 @Anjiangzhen

on .

0 km,

so nice don't have a schedule, feeling free for a walk, a rest, thinking and not thinking...

after short and strong emotions of yesterday,,is what i need.

take care

Stop 34 @Anjiangzhen

on .

21 km, and happy to be here writing this post...

Yesterday, going downill, i've consumed for 100% the rear brake. So this morning i was looking for a fix man to adjust it.

Not of course in Xuefengzhen where bibycles don't exist...so I thought to get the next town pretty easily, with the mountains behind me.. But I had to ride for other 20 km, climbing up and descending in quite strong slopes.

Around 12.45 my front brake was at the bottom,,,no braking at all...during a steep downill..!!!!

My FF were at the ground, I pulled the rare brake with no results,,,and damn...i was getting fast and fast with bends in front of me..!!!

Ready to jump off the tricycle I was laughing, praying, and I enjoyed that feeling of Big Dhamma..

that feeling that your imagination makes your reality...so I thought confident to do it...

I grabbed better the trike and I drove it for 2 bends better than Valentino Rossi,,...after the third curve a straight flat road.

I was safe.

Then walking backwards and holding the tricycle, I get down to the next town where I stopped at the mechanic.

Now the rare brake is ok. But here and neither in Huaihua it's possible to fix it. So now i'm waiting for the new piece arriving from Shanghai. Chris, the engineer is like a surgeon devoted, always ready helping me in this project.

Thanks Chris!!! 

Stop 33 @Shuefengzhen

on .

32 km,

the most challenging day till now,,for sure

20 km climbing a strong inclination..reaching the froggy top, and then going down for the descent using all my rear brake.

Here in Shuefeng as in Wangtan bicycles don't exist..so you can imagine local faces observing me like an alien...

Top should was around 1300 meters (like locals say), but i didn't find any confirm on web about it.

Anyway climbing such altitude in a couple of hours, let me feel more secure about climbing the 2000 m to get Dali, in a few days from Kunming..

I'm finding so much sense experimenting my and tricycle limits on this trip... 

A lot of people talks about things have never personally experimented, so often projecting their fears.

- it's not important how fast you move, the important thing is moving -   Confucio

Stop 32 @Tangwanxiang

on .

37 km,

to get this quite town with mountains all around...I was checking the elevation of this place and I cannot decide between the different information i found in internet...anyway not more than 500 m. 

Stop 31 @Changtang

on .

0 km tricycling,

a few ones walking around these silent mountains, smiling to locals, shooting some videos...

It's great that some people decide to live a simple life in the nature, even being not so far by big towns and cities.

Stop 30 @Changtang

on .

41 km,

to get the best place met till now. Far from horns and noises, i'm now in the most complete darkness, in a nice natural silence.Narada is charging under the rain, i'm writing thanks to an internet cable of this small hospital, where there are not patients, just three men playing cards by at least 6 hours. Even in this disconnected area a little 'restaurant' where i ate. A little table and 3 seats.

Tomorrow i hope in a better weather to have some trekking in these beautiful lands.  ciao a tutti!!

Stop 27 @Shaodong

on .

52 km,

so a long day!!! - i was forgetting, laptop is ok -  ,,today my electric motor got some problems..so 5 or 6 mechanics replied me with usual 'mejo banfa' that means -nothing to do, impossible- then around 7 o'clock I had to use all my theatrical skills to be helped by a tricycle mechanic...it's so hard sometimes, but everything is possible in China!!!

Stop 26 @Shuangfeng

on .

63 km,

today was a nice and warm day with all pixels at the right place. More countryside people. In last days I've been surprised crossing these quite big cities, when in my thoughts i was expecting some little towns..

Stop 25 @Xiangxiang

on .

56 km,

today my laptop doesn't work..it is taking a rest..i have this kind of approach with technology..

Anyway i'm fine, a little phisically tired, a little happy cause since a few days locals don't ask me if i'm Xinjianese, a little worried for the laptop, a little curious about the future..

Let's see what happens, cheers


Stop 21 @Wanzai

on .

0 km -

Relaxing, washed the tricycle and waterproof bags. A movie on laptop, a few pages of a book, some good healthy food. Some meditation to don't think too much.. - that's life!!!

Stop 19 @Shanggao

on .

65 km, but around 20 km of wrong way.

Today the temperature is get down so suddenly, maybe 15 degrees less than 2 days ago..For tonight i'll skip my open air shower, remanding it to tomorrow, 

Don't catch cold.

Stop 17 @Nanchang

on .

0 km -

Last night I received some sms purposing me a gigolo service. (when i didn't give my phone number to anybody)

Around 1 o'clock a phone call in my room from a man, I replied in italian wishing him a goodnight.

This morning at 8 another call in my room, the manager apologizing that i had to move cause foreigners were not allowed to stay in their hotel.(the same thing happened in Changshan 1 week ago)

We renegotiate the price of the room for these drawbacks. 

When i took the tricycle a tire was flat. I changed it with a help of a street fix man.

Then I moved all my stuff. I ate discussing for a regular price of my meal.

Tonight, hanging out, I took the business card of this other hotel, double checking if the address was the same of the hotel.

The 2 receptionists said yes, smiling.

A pizza, a beer and some thoughts on the main river, crossing this big city.

Then a taxi to come back, and...the address was completely in another direction by the hotel!!

If this kind of things were happened years ago, I was certainly going to kill someone. I've changed a lot in last 2 years and half I guess.

Stop 16 @Nanchang

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51 Km to reach a simple hotel in Nanchang.

Then walking, getting lost, enjoying little lanes of this big city.

A serious vegetarian dinner in an old restaurant, then a serious massage...so professional here about massages!!!

Tomorrow I'll take a break.

Sometimes when I walk around a city, I feel like i'm watching a movie that i've already seen.

And so often I could even walk for several kilometers...cause my curiosity is stronger than my tired legs.

But is it this a sane curiosity?

I've already experimented everything of what a city can offer.

Is it more important to try to know all the world, tasting, touching, watching, hearing, studying, thinking and talking..

or to know yourself silently?  

This is my question.

Sound enjoy to all!

Stop 10 @Changshan

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- 0 km -

Mi riposo un po', riorganizzo i bagagli e pulisco il telo esterno insabbiato dagli ultimi giorni di viaggio.Un lavaggio professionale di qualche vestito e qualche email.

Mi godo una doccia calda e un letto comodo.

Ieri mattina un camionista dal buon qi ha insistito affinche' cambiassi il mio percorso odierno previsto. Secondo lui se voglio raggiungere Dali devo mantenere la strada 320. Ascoltando il suo consiglio, sono arrivato qui a Changshan anziche' a Jiangshan. Dunque cerchero' di allontanarmi con magari dei trekking dalla strada principale, che dopo' un po' puo' risultare noiosa, credo.

Bevo the caldo. Cerco di non pensare troppo. Pedalando mi vien meglio.

Provero' a fare una telefonata al mio amico Robi, oggi compie 30 anni!!!