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Garganella Lifestyle

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Aren’t you tired of drinking cocktails or having to look perfect in the city centre? tired of big brands? Eating delicacies chewing Parmigiano... Where can I find the best ‘Mozzarella di bufala’ in China?Or shall we make Finocchiona Sausages using Guandong’s animals. It’s annoying having to pay 10 Euros for a Chianti in Shanghai considering the farmer nearby in Greve Chianti who makes it, charges me 6 Euros..Let’s put up a statue business with the Pope, I personally know the manufacturer in Zhejiang..let’s make caricatures of politicians to sell them on a big scale..let’s talk about it for dinner using our money from the embassy. I hope my business card will be ready on time. Deal!!!Let’s do some import-export, cheers, cheers.

Garganella lifestyle, for all those that have seen all sorts of brutality, and now are keen into participate to the bigger game. Garganella lifestyle it’s freed from politic, religions, masonry, economical and power interests. Con garganella lifestyle you get straight to the action, you can make your dreams come true with your own hands, having to thank nobody other than yourself, it’s free and healthy and makes you happy.

Garganella lifestyle means: do what you like, be yourself, get rid of the mask you have been wearing till today, loosen your tie, don’t take yourself too seriously. Turn off the Tv and start living your life..Welcome to Garganella style.

Quiz 2 - True or False

So often you are lazy, and even knowing a truth, you don’t change your lifestyle

So often you are weak, and even willing a thing, you don’t do nothing to get it

So often you don’t know what you want

So often you forget to search for the happiness

So often we are slaves of ourself thoughts

Good habitudes do exist

So often we don’t disfrutate our full potentials

Working 40 hours per week is healthy

Doing shopping get you free

You are free to decide

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