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Shanghai - Dali

- Departure: 2nd September
- Estimate period: 3 months
- Km:   ?
- Vehicle: modified chinese tricycle
- Modifications: front disc brake, suspensions, Shimano 6 gear shift, 12V batteries..
- Equipment: 1 sportive video camera, 1 mini dv camera, 1 little photo camera

- Extra activities: Vipassana meditation, buddhist temples, collaborations with guesthouses, local food ideas, recipes for websites, vegetarian kitchen start up, interviews, bio farms visits

- Budget: 100 rmb per day

- Hypothesis:

- Reality is the projection of our immagination

- Environment influences every single person

- Every single person influences environment

Personal notes: I like documentaries since i was a child. I don’t like documentaries where ‘protagonists’ live in luxurious hotels, visiting ‘poor’ places. I see that in a big city, the brain washing is massive.

In January 2012, i’m going to start up a vegetarian kitchen, in Shaxi, between Dali and Lijiang.

Let it flow, don’t think too much.