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China is a metaphore

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(Personal considerations)

China is not just a country, is also a metaphore.

It has such huge spaces that you can live where you prefer: in the tropical warm weather of Macao, or in the cold of Beijing, on the tibetan mountains or in the humid Shanghai.

Dimension of time is so ephemeral that in a big city you can risk to not find the same shop in the same place after a week, because at its place there will be a brand new a restaurant. In remote areas instead, it seems to be in a static time’s dimension.

In such areas it’s easy to realize how much the television and internet have bombed the youngest brains, purposing them illusional happiness. When you then meet pure people and persons who have not been contamined yet, you have the confirmation of this.

So often foreigners come to China wishing to get rich, to have some power to control on someone else, to feel like comfortable pioneers. Chinese persons often wish to get rich too, have a respactable position and reputation, they want to feel like foreigners.

“Laowai” is admired and repudiated; Chinese are loved and hated at the same time.

Chinese food is simple and quick to prepare, like all chinese people are simple and have easy understandable intentions.

In China everything is under control as everything is out of control.

Everyone is free to decide about the kind of life want to spend, but so often they don’t know that they can choose. Or what kind of life to have.

If you really want to get a thing here, you’ll get it; every dream is possible. Unfortunately so many people don’t know what they dream and how to imagine their lifes. They persist to work a lot, get drunk on weekends, seeking for fancy stuff all around.

China is the metaphore of life with all its apparent contraddictions. China is the chaos where to get lost easily but also a “metaphoric” place where to seek for yourself and find real happiness.

China is like every place in the world, it’s like the Matrix’s white room.

Quiz 4 - True or false?

  • So often habits are unhealthy
  • So often we don’t know what we are fed with
  • So often we waste food
  • So often we have unnecessary clothes in our cabinets
  • So often attachments bring us to suffering
  • So often we’re conditioned
  • So often we don’t follow our intuitions
  • So often we don’t listen to our hearts
  • So often we can’t distinguish what is true by what is fake
  • You are free to decide

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