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Who am I?

Mauro Anzideo, aka Maurino, is born in Milan on 13th of February, 1981 at 15.45.

After realizing not to be shaped for traditional education, starts to work as waiter when he was 18. After working in different mansions in restoration field, in Italy and abroad, joining at the age of 23 professional kitchens.

Passionate by the firsts steps, and disagreeing with a long ‘mess tin’ ,decides to look for a high quality professional formation, finding the answers in big chefs (all aquarius as him) that he met in his empiric formation.

Working with Davide Negri, Valeria Piccini, Silvano Ghezzi e Carla Aradelli, absorbs passion and techniques.

Cultivating an instinctive approach toward high cuisine, he arrives at Shanghai as Start upper chef in 2009.

After converting to vegetarian food, understanding the necessity to purpose just vegetarian food, he leaves his restaurants’ routine, to focus on serving exclusively private vegetarian dinners, without meats and fishes.

After firsts 9 months of activity, serving lunches and dinners in, Chef Maurino decides to have a break, looking for those answers you cannot find on Google.

Lover of music, documentaries, trips; sincere spiritual and humorous persons.