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Why Vegetarianism

At the moment, every person who wants to find some information about a particular issue, have to filter a lots of trash, obscure, manipulated, faked, false, imprecise news…realizing that this goal is not easy at all..

I reckon that the personal experience and intuition are the best keys to make your own choices.

Escaping by this booming of fake information, mental gates, religions, politics, constrains, is the just solution to get a better awareness, indispensable for a real individual freedom.

So if you want to discuss about vegetarianism, everyone should look personally at the weaning, feeding, transport, unnecessary killing of animals that will arrive on our tables.

Should know about the 2.400 kind of drugs or dope contained in every piece of meat, about toxins released in point of death from the animal, of toxics feeding of fishes and meats in breeding, maintained in polluted waters..

Pollution caused from business based on animals’ monetization, with a huge environmental impact with an excess of consumption of water, in order to feed more animals, will without any doubt cause corpses in our stomachs, causing many diseases to the population.

Social, economic, ethic, natural and healthy reasons, reminds to meat lovers that vegetarianism it’s not a fashion son of a new Age; it is instead the freedom to take own responsibility on personal life, in favor of a personal and collective development.

Every person eats three times per day, deciding for his own health and Earth’s balance.

Just taking out toxins we use to feed of, you can realize a better wellness, touching with hands that ‘we are what we eat’.

Just with a personal experience you are free to decide, otherwise you keep to be slaved to those conditions, such as eating meat from the childhood, insanely forced upon human nature.

Be free to do the right choice.

- You are what You eat -