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Ricotta Cheese and Saffron Semifreddo

INGREDIENTS SEMIFREDDO: 10 yolks, 150g sugar, 1 spoonful of honey 1l whipped cream 250g fresh ricotta cheese pine-seeds, raisins

INGREDIENTS CREAM: 0,5g saffron 4 yolks 100g sugars 0,4l whipped cream

Semifreddo: beat the yolks, add sugars and honey while keep beating with the whisk. Add the ricotta cheese (without water) and mix the dough till making it well-blended. At will add pine-seeds and raisins. Whip the cream (better if cold) and merge it carefully with the dough, but be careful and do not make it lose its volume. Place it in a bowl, cover it with plastic film and leave it into the fridge for at least 12 hours.

The cream: beat the yolks and add sugar, saffron and whipped cream. At low flame and mixing with a wooden spoon heat the cream till 80°C (once reach this temperature the cream will homogenously cover the spoon. Immediately cool the cream placing it in a bowl and if you need dip the bowl in a basin filled with iced water.

Arrange the plate with the semifreddo and the cream as you wish and serve it! If you like, to balance (cold-hot) plate, you can serve semifreddo with hot cream.

In any case, enjoy it!


1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 2 zucchini, 2 eggplants (medium size, partially peeled), 1 onion, 20g basil leaves (without stems), 4 garlic cloves, 500g cherry tomatoes

I really enjoy giving my personal touch to traditional recipes: here there are three versions of the traditional Ratatouille…

1. Cook the whole peppers in oven at 220 degrees, then peel and clean them from their seeds. Cook them for a while in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and pepper. Finally, add a handful of parsley and a pinch of salt. Brown the onion in a pan with a bit of oil, salt and sugar. Slice and grill the eggplants and zucchini (otherwise, if you prefer, you can cook them in a pan with a bit of oil and salt). Create your small ratatouille towers adding a bit of water and fresh basil. Put the towers on a baking pan, cover it with aluminum sheet to keep all the flavors and cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

2. Thinly slice all the peppers, eggplants, onion and zucchini, put them in a baking pan and add salt, oil basil and half a glass of water. Cook in oven for 20-30 minutes at 180 degrees (cover the baking pan cover with aluminum sheet just for 10 minutes).

3. Cut the peppers, zucchini and eggplants into cubes of about 2 cm. Brown the onion in a pan with extra virgin olive oil on a low flame. Then add the peppers, and after a couple of minutes add the eggplants and finally the zucchini, salt and basil. Cook for 20 minutes in the pan with cover, adding some water if necessary. To garnish: dry some eggplant skin (you need at least 24 hours) and serve the dish with cherry tomato sauce: warm 2 cloves of garlic in a pan with oil. Add the whole cherry tomatoes and wither them. Then squash them with a skimmer and cook the sauce for 30 minutes on low flame adding a glass of water, salt and 10g of basil.

Finally, blend and drain with a colander. Serve your Ratatouille towers dish decorated with dry eggplant skins and cherry tomato sauce and enjoy!

Homemade Italian ravioli

- Homemade pasta: 2 eggs,5 yolks,330 g flour,Oil,Salt
- Stuffing 6 red peppers,2 potatoes,1 garlic clove,Basil,2 spoonfuls oil
- Sauce 250 g of fresh ricotta cheese,1 spoonful milk,1 spoonful oil,1 spoonful water
- Reduction 500 g balsamic vinegar,2 spoonfuls sugar

Homemade pasta: Beat the eggs and yolks, add oil and salt and finally the flour. Using your hands, knead a soft but not sticky mixture. Cover the dough with a tea cloth and leave it for 30 minutes. If you need any help for your pasta contact me for a private lesson!

Stuffing: Roast the peppers in the oven and then peel them. Boil the potatoes, peel and mash. Whisk peppers and potatoes together with basil, oil and minced garlic. Allow the mixture to cool and put it in a pastry bag.

Sauce: Whisk the ricotta cheese together with water, oil and milk

Reduction: Cook and mix the vinegar and the sugar on a law flame to obtain a medium consistency reduction.

Final preparation: Roll out the dough as thin as possible and cut out the pasta in a rectangular shape (or use a pasta machine). Add pepper and potato stuffing onto the cut outs and finally close the ravioli (do not leave any air inside). You can cook your homemade ravioli fresh or frozen. Cook the ravioli for 3-4 minutes and arrange the ricotta cream sauce in the dishes (at room temperature). Serve the ravioli adding a bit of vinegar reduction.

Have a nice nourishing meal!

Panzanella and burrata mozzarella

INGREDIENTS for 10 people: 1 baguette, 500 g cherry tomatoes 50 g basil, 50 g arugula, 2 cucumbers, ¼ red onion, 4-5 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil, 1 spoonful of vinegar, 10 burrate mozzarella (one each guest), 2 avocados, 2 eggplants, Salt and pepper

Cut the baguette (I suggest the one with natural yeast from Caffe Montmatre) into small cubes of 0.5 cm and put them in a large and wide bowl.

Cut the cherry tomatoes into small cubes and spread them on the bread cubes. Add abundant salt and let them stand for 6 hours (till the water of the tomatoes wet the bread).

Thinly mince the red onion, cut the cucumbers into cubes (without the central part), mince the basil, and thinly cut the arugula. Put everything into the bowl together with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper and stir. Here you have a tasty panzanella!

To taste, add cubes of avocado.

Serve everything together with burrata mozzarella. For a perfect taste add a slice of grilled eggplant between the panzanella and the burrata mozzarella.

Have a nice summer meal!